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Commercial Drivers License Tickets

CDL Traffic Violations Attorney

What are the consequences of a CDL traffic citation?

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), then driving is your profession and you depend on your license for your livelihood. A traffic violation can jeopardize your ability to maintain your CDL and entire occupation. There is too much risk to go to court without an experienced attorney. Call Matt Davidson today; he assists truckers and other commercial drivers with moving violations and traffic tickets. Not only are the stakes higher when you are a commercial driver, but your options are limited. Under Alabama Code of Criminal Procedure, you cannot receive deferred adjudication for a traffic ticket if you are a commercial driver. This means your attorney needs to work for a dismissal or take your case to trial to avoid damaging your driving record.

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Why should you hire an attorney for a CDL traffic ticket?

Fighting traffic tickets in court is much more difficult for CDL holders than it is for people with conventional licenses. The system has limited the options for commercial drivers to fight their citations, but it is not impossible for an experienced attorney to get tickets dismissed, reduced, or off your record. First, I will attempt to have the charges dismissed outright without any consequences. If the ticket is legitimate, then I will attempt to negotiate so that the citation does not go on your record. If there is no way to keep the ticket off your record, then I will fight to reduce the points on your license and minimize the consequences of the charges. If these procedures fall short, then I will fight for your rights and passionately litigate the case in trial.

If you live out of state but were cited for a traffic or equipment violation while driving in Alabama, the consequences are just as serious. I will go to court on your behalf and fight for you even if you are thousands of miles away.

  • Moving and equipment violations on a CDL license can have potential consequences affecting your job and livelihood;
  • Hire an attorney to help defend you against these potentially devastating consequences and help you navigate through this confusing system;
  • Even if you live out of state, call Matt Davidson to fight for you in Alabama.
Contact Matt Davidson, an experienced CDL traffic lawyer, and he can help prepare a defense for your case.

Matt Davidson works in most courts throughout the DFW Metroplex, including the following courts:

  • Birmingham CDL Traffic Court
  • Arlington CDL Traffic Court
  • Parker County CDL Traffic Court
  • North Richland Hills (NRH) CDL Traffic Court
  • Euless CDL Traffic Court

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