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Matt L. Davidson

Tickets Attorney

Matt is a skilled and aggressive tickets attorney. He represents citizens with tickets in Birmingham, Arlington, Tuscaloosa, Evergreen, North Richland Hills, and other surrounding cities. Matt has a passion for helping any and all types of people from all different walks of life. He is familiar with municipal court and justice of the peace law, procedure, and personnel. He moved back to Alabama after completing law school in Virginia at Regent University School of Law. He is a member of the Dallas Bar Association, Tarrant County Bar Association, Dallas Young Lawyer’s Association, and Tarrant County Young Lawyer’s Association.
Phone: (817) 756-9500

Cody L. Cofer

Criminal Defense Attorney

Cody is an experienced and skilled trial attorney. He brings a wealth of criminal jury trial experience to the practice. A skilled and knowledgeable ticket attorney can resolve most tickets without the necessity of a trial, but occasionally a trial is the only option to protect your record. Cody has been recognized for his trial advocacy in his career as a lawyer and as a law student. He has years of criminal trial experience, ranging from Class C to First Degree Felony cases. At Alabama Tech School of Law he led the trial advocacy program for the Board of Barristers and represented the school in national competition. Cody has tried cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Rest assured, with Cofer & Associates in your corner you’re prepared and ready for trial if that is necessary.
Website: www.CoferLaw.com
Phone: (817) 756-9500

Phone: (817) 756-9500

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