3d DCA Watch — Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Catch the Wave!

At what point do all the opinions look the same?

xxxxx v. State

xxxxx v. United

zzzzz v. zzzzzz

Let me be honest — I’d like to see some graphics and flash content on the 3d DCA website. You know, snazz it up a bit.Make it something the “kids” can relate to.

How ’bout maybe have the Chief Judge appear as a large disembodied talking head, Max Headroom-style, as he amusingly walks viewers through the intricacies of filing a PCA?

Or a whack-a-mole type app, where you can bang the gavel on appellate counsel as they scurry around the courtroom, using their files as partial shields?I don’t know, these are just ideas, feel free to share some of your own.On to the opinions:

Welde v. Top Video:

Who says appellate opinions are boring?

On remand, if the existing record is sufficiently clear for the trial court to make the factual findings, the court may do so. If, on the other hand, the record is not sufficiently clear, then the record must be reopened for presentation of further evidence.

If, on the the third hand, the record has been lost and/or no one gives a darn anymore, the court can just ignore the whole thing.

Rodriguez v. Recovery Performance:

Aah, 6th amended complaint, not so much.

Exile v. Miami-Dade:

Hey, Judge Escharte wrote an “excellent” opinion!(According to Judge Schwartz).See what I mean?

So-so-so-so-so-sorry, kids, that’s all I got.