3d DCA Watch — Corporations Can Now Represent Themselves!

Hey, I remember the robot from Demon Seed Saturn 3 I, Robot Predator The Iron Giant (ed. — he was a good robot, actually),and if robots and computers can run the world and dominate humanity, why can’t faceless corporations represent themselves in court?

According to the 3d, they apparently can:

Through a non-attorney, corporative representative, United timely served a response to the complaint at issue in the form of a letter. Because this response was sufficient to require Figueredo to provide notice to United of his applications for default and final judgment, it was improper for the trial court to treat United’s response to the complaint as a nullity.

Hold on — don’t you need a lawyer to file a response to a complaint on behalf of a corporation?

Or did Citizens United do away with that musty old requirement too?

In other bunker news, in order to prevail on an unjust enrichment claim you need to actually confer a benefit, and Judge Bernstein gets reversed on a purge order.

Finally, “subject matter jurisdiction” and “standing” are not the same thing.

(But you smart guys already knew that.)


Wait a second, I totally forgot about Toby the Robot.

He was a good robot too (I think?).