3d DCA Watch — I’m Only Sleeping Edition

Hi kids!

For once Tallahassee kept their grubby hands out of it and thus the carefully packaged written utterances have been released from the concrete bunker precisely on schedule, much like well-timed stink bombs at a high school assembly.

So let us not prevaricate, as it is notably apodictic that we are poised to decline the parties’ invitation.

Oops — I was channeling my favorite judge there for a moment.

How about we start by declaring Barbara Green the world’s finest 3d DCA appellate lawyer — just this week alone she is two for two.

Ok ok — Lauri Waldman Ross won one today, too.

Do you ladies ever lose?

I have carefully reviewed this week’s opinions for a whiff of anything remotely interesting, and have decided to translate them into the ancient language of Euskara so as to stay awake and find a way to finish this blog po……..


Right, as I was saying, you’ll be surprised to learn that the 3d overruled the 11th Circuit sitting in its appellate capacity, which had affirmed a trial ruling against United Auto.

See what I mean?

Let’s see if this is more interesting — let me provide the core holding of the Carlton Fields malpractice case, except translated into Dutch (not all of you are Basque separatists):

Wij gaan met het proefhof akkoord. NAI de eisen van het procesmisdrijf zijn volledig verstoken van verdienste. Zoals het proef gevonden hof, en het omvangrijke verslag openbaren, waren beide firma’s bewonderenswaardig gepresteerd tijdens de vertegenwoordiging van NAI, en resultaat van het federale proces gebaseerd, niet op het ontoereikende gedrag van de procureurs, maar op de mislukking van NAI en Estrin om een gebeëindigd contract te bereiken.

Now that I find mentally stimulating.