3d DCA Watch — Lame Alter Ego Edition!

Feeling hot hot hot.Did someone mention there’s something special going on today?What could it be?Why yes it is a tequila-soaked, taco-encrusted, sombrero-weary special edition of 3d DCA Watch:

A.I.C. Trading v. Susman:

Neat — Judge Salter uses the highly technical legal phrase “lawyer up” in a written decision.

17315 Collins v. Fortune Development:

Before I even got to law school I knew all about alter egos.

For example, I knew that Thor’s alter ego was the handsome Doctor Donald Blake.

I’m pretty sure Tony Clifton was really Andy Kaufman (I think?).

And everyone knows the Walrus was Paul.

But apparently there are some legal alter egos floating out there as well:

First, the record supports the determination that the two companies operated as alter egos. The actual owner, developer, and operating entity was 17315. Wavestone owns the membership interests of 17315 and is the managing member. Wavestone does not, however, conduct any operations, have any employees or payroll, or have any bank accounts. All expenses are paid by the subsidiary 17315. Both companies were single purpose entities which existed solely for the development of the 17315 property. The principal of Wavestone acknowledged that there was little distinction between the entities.

Sheesh, that was one lame alter ego!

I’m talking Clark Kent or Sasha Fierce lame.

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled lunchtime belly shots of tequila.