3d DCA Watch — “Move Along, Nothing to See Here.”

Let’s dive right in and see what pearls of wisdom the 3d DCA has elected to shower upon us this week:

Busca v. All Seasons:

Like an inscrutable Zen master, the 3d has decided to write an opinion entirely in haiku. I have no idea what this case is about, and neither will you. I guess that’s the beauty of a per curiam opinion.Still, those flirty judges did leave us hanging with this tease:

Finding no abuse of discretion, we affirm. Because our jurisdiction is limited to that issue, we express no opinion as to any other issue raised in Appellants’ brief.

Ahh, come on! Don’t be like that, go ahead, express an opinion for gripe’s sake. Dicta is the legal grease that keeps our billable hour machines humming.

That concludes 3d DCA watch for this week. Seriously. What the hail, are all the judges already in North Carolina?