3d DCA Watch — Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed!

I have to be honest — I had the most glorious 3d DCA Watch planned, a shot across the bow in direct response to the 1st DCA’s new “Taj Mahal” courthouse, festooned as it is with 60 inch LCD televisions, law clerks dressed like Norse handmaidens, and personal hot tubs in every chamber (ok, I made the last part up).

Listen up all you fancy-pants 1st DCA judges: we have a nice cozy concrete bunker, it’s a perfectly acceptable concrete bunker, it’s a bunker made entirely of concrete, plus it’s a bunker.

What more do you need?

But then something unexpected got in the way of my plans — no opinions.

Well there’s a divorce case or two in there, but those don’t really count.

There’s a confession of error or two, but that’s not something civil litigators ever do.

So the 3d DCA Watch to end all 3d DCA Watches will just have to wait.

Step it up, oh Resplendently Robed Ones, you gotta give us something to work with!