3d DCA Watch — Special Chris Carver Commemorative Edition

This is turning out to be one hail of a week. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but I have had semi-legitimate reasons to publish some of my favorite photos, and today brings us yet another one.So without any further precatory blather, let’s get right into it, yes kiddies join us as we peer down south at those mystical coffee-swilling laborers by the cee-ment road, those robed wranglers who bring us so much wit, wisdom, and the occasional inscrutable PCA, yes it’s this week’s edition of 3d DCA Watch:

Well, what do you know. I went and early voted today (which thanks to our dopey state legislators I had to do in some kind of glorified phone booth out in the boonies), but still I voted.

And I must admit it felt good. No, it felt great. It made me really feel proud as an American to get out there and participate in an historic election, an election that can really help shape the future course of this great but troubled nation.So, if you must know, I will tell you who I voted for. Yes yes and yes, I voted for Judges Lagoa and Salter. I really only skimmed the rest of the ballot.

What, did I miss something?

Anyway, all you Chris Carver diehards I give you your red meat —

Rolls-Royce v. Royal Caribbean:

This is an amazingly insightful opinion that I urge you all to carefully read and reflect upon. In fact, you big-firmers should spend at least 7.2 hours of professional development poring over the fine points of this opinion. Did I mention it features Chris Carver?

In conclusion, Bo Derek, if you are listening, I beg of you to do something newsworthy by Friday, and if possible please try to involve a South Florida lawyer. Thank you.Your friend,