3d DCA Watch — Wishing and Hoping

I just can’t quit you, 3d DCA!Even though the cupboard has grown increasingly bare over the last few weeks, I turn instinctively to your significantly improved website each Wednesday, hoping for something — anything — that could be construed as mildly entertaining or even informative. Alas, the pickings are slim. There have been fewer well-reasoned Judge Salter opinions, less slightly off base Judge Shepherd bon mots, and almost no intemperate outbursts from you-know-who. What fun is that?

So it is with no small amount of sadness that I must regretfully announce that we have finally hit bottom. Yes kiddies, those coffee-slurping silver-tongued robed devils have finally produced a week with not a single meaningful opinion on any topic. Flatline central.

How is that possible, you ask? Well as you know I make it a rule to ignore any opinions with the word “State” in them, so that takes out three opinions right there. Well, four if you count the glorified PCA that involved the Department of Revenue. Not only that, all the actual PCAs also involve the State, making this week a total zero for us civil practitioners.

Oh well, I guess we’ve finally figured out how to practice error-free law. BTW, is North Carolina really that nice? (Don’t answer that.)

Don’t worry, though, like a mouse in need of a fix, I will be pressing that lever again next week, just wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and — oh hail — you know the rest.