3d DCA Watch — You Say Apodictic, I Say Apoplectic, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

I was tempted to skip this week’s Third DCA Watch simply because the pickings were so slim and because I’m bored out of my wits. Still, because I am dedicated to you, dear readers, I put in the long, hard slog and actually read this week’s opinions.

Four or so cafecitos later, amidst a dreary discussion of the standards and differences applicable to a petition for administration of a will and a petition to establish a lost or destroyed will in probate, I was jolted in my chair by this sterling example of legal writing from none other than Judge Shepherd:

As to the former, it is apodictic that matters dehors the four corners of a complaint or petition may not be considered on a motion to dismiss.

Do tell –why you sweet-talking robed jurist, you! It is axiomatic that a judge who can interject both “apodictic” and “dehors” into a single sentence deserves a modicum of a priori praise.