“A Certain Look In the Eye and An Easy Smile.”


Ever get an earworm?

I’ve been endlessly replaying “Dogs” in my head all morning and can’t seem to shake it. Must be the mood I’m in today.

Speaking of old men, I understand a bunch of us geezers (plus Adam Rabin) will be sharing war stories about our many trial victories at the Hyatt on Friday.Strike that — we will be using illustrative examples to highlight and explain certain important complex commercial litigation techniques.Look for me, I’ll be the older Jewish guy bragging about how I brilliantly outsmarted, outfoxed, and outclassed my opponent. Should be pretty easy to find.

Completely unrelated, but I see that Alan Kluger has finally abandoned that meshuga Teflon class action he’s been litigating for the last four years.

You may recall Alan touted these cases as part of his effort to reshape his firm into a “national trial firm.”

Sorry Alan, I wish I had a different song in my head, but be thankful it’s “Dogs” and not something like the Meow Mix jingle or “Oops I Did It Again.”