A Solitary Man?

Alert readers have directed me to this “Most Effective Lawyers” story regarding the settlement of long-pending litigation over the Bal Harbour Club, which involved more or less half of the South Florida legal community. I previously wrote about this case here.I have been directed to review the article to see if any other lawyer was pictured, identified, quoted, listed, discussed, or even mentioned besides legendary litigator Michael Hanzman.I could be wrong, but my painstaking research did not turn up anyone.

It has also been noted that the submission process to be considered for “Most Effective Lawyers” can begin by submitting a self-generated nomination.

And your point is?

To all those whiners out there who worked on this case and are complaining that no was else was pictured, listed, quoted, or even identified, I say to you: There is a reason Hanzman makes the big bucks.

Sheesh, get off your arses and submit your own nomination next time (assuming there is a next time).