Akerman Lawyers Ponder World Free of Milk, Other Partners

The indignities keep on piling up. First, possibly forced to drink coffee using some type of non-dairy creamer! Oh the sorrow.

Now this:

Merger talks between Wolf Block and Florida-based Akerman Senterfitt have hit a snag, according to a statement Wednesday by leadership at the two firms.

“The chairmen acknowledged that there are issues under continued discussion in this process and that, among them is a client conflict that cannot be discussed publicly, because of client confidentiality,” according to the statement issued on behalf of Wolf Block Chairman Mark Alderman and Akerman Senterfitt Chairman Andrew Smulian.

“They said that in business prudence, this was all that the firms were prepared to say about the matter at this time, and that when there was something concrete to say, an appropriate announcement would be made.”

Alderman wouldn’t comment on the extent of any client conflicts or on any other rumors surrounding why a vote by both firms’ partnerships has yet to take place.

Oh no, Akerman is using a late-90s software that writes its statements in Latin! If any of you can figure out what they are saying here, let me know.I understand intrepid reporter Julie Kay is on the case, and that means we’ll know more about this soon. In the meantime, feel free to email any info — confidentiality assured.

UPDATE: Here is Ms. Kay’s article, with more fun statements in some as-yet undetermined language:

Akerman chairman Andrew Smulian and WolfBlock chairman Mark Alderman said they issued the statement reluctantly to head off “rumors.”

“While it continues to be the policy of both firms not to comment on rumors, under the circumstance of information finding its way into the media, the firms wanted to ensure that there were no misperceptions of reality.”

Uhh, ok.