Al Cardenas’ Wife Said Something About Gays on Facebook!

Facebook isn’t just a place where Sarah Palin can free associate deep thoughts about ‘Merica and you can see what your old high school girlfriend’s kids look like, it’s also a place where Al Cardenas’ wife can share her thoughts about gays with the world.

As broken by Steve Rothaus, here are some exclamation-filled excerpts:

“Well, there is no reason not to like them or love them, the same way you would love one who has a disability, or an illness, etc.,” Diana Cardenas wrote. She added: “You know I always wondered why homosexuals are referred to as ‘gay’, kind of an oxymoron? Nothing really ‘gay’ about them or their movement.”

The timing turned out to be somewhat awkward, as Big Al was about to meet with GOProud about why the American Conservative Union banned their group from having a closet booth at CPAC:

Cardenas said of the previously scheduled meeting with GOProud: “It was not easy.” He added: “I love my wife more than life and I think we agree on the issue of traditional marriage, but I disagree with some of the things that she said.”

SAVE Dade, meanwhile, released their own statement and called on Mrs. Cardenas to retract her comments:

“For the sake of moving forward with bridging the divide in our community, and bringing together all minorities, be it ethnic, racial or religious, Mrs. Cardenas should temper her offensive and disgusting remarks. We sincerely hope she will retract her public comments that aim to hurt so many, and pauses to reflect on the pain she has caused her community;”

I don’t get organizations like GOProud. It’d be like a Jewish support group in the 1970s for the Riviera Country Club, where you support everything about the club except for the fact that the members want nothing to do with you and would rather you go away.

Unfortunately, that issue is out there and you’ll just have to agree to disagree.

But on the color of the table napkins you and the club share the exact same vision!