Alan Kluger Opens Second Front in Chow War

Hmm, I’m no amateur WWII scholar (ok, I am), but last I checked it’s not that good an idea to open up a second front while merry olde England is still alive and somehow surviving — you know, blood, toil, tears and sweat and all that.

Yet Alan Kluger’s war against the allegedly fake Mr. Chow’s continues (our prior coverage is here, here, and here) with a second front launched in LA by celebrity lawyer Bert Fields:

As with the Miami lawsuit, Michael Chow is seeking more than $10 million in damages, according to the Los Angeles filing.

“My friends and I have enjoyed dining at Mr. Chow’s for many years,” says Fields, who has represented the likes of Tom Cruise and Joel Silver. “Many of us entertain there …. So I’m personally affronted when this former food chopper and his cynical backers try to make money by imitating everything Mr. Chow does.”

Morfogen had called the Miami lawsuit meritless. A motion to dismiss was filed in Miami federal court in July.

Taking a look at the suit pending before Judge Hoeveler, it looks like the motion to dismiss is fully briefed and has been pending since August 26th, and there is a motion to strike certain exhibits from the motion to dismiss that is also pending as of September 8th.

Good luck getting to Moscow before the winter sets in!