Andrew Smulian — Knee Deep in the Hoopla

I don’t know, tell me what you think of this interview conducted by SFL fave and intrepid reporter Julie Kay of Akerman chairman Andrew Smulian.Check out these two responses:

NLJ: How has the economy affected your law firm? Several sources said that three lawyers and five support staff were let go in your Miami office on Friday, including the co-chair of your distressed properties division, Tony Casareale, as well as of counsel Stu Cowitt. [Neither lawyer returned calls for comment from the NLJ. and they are no longer at the firm.] Can you comment on that? Are any further layoffs expected?

AS: I’m not going to get into any specifics about our employees. We do not have a program of anticipatory layoffs. The economy is the economy. We have a number of practice areas that are strong in this economy. They’re helping overall. We’re strong and a well-positioned firm and have a very good capital structure. We don’t have debt and we’re well positioned to weather an economic downturn.

That’s what the dude from Lehman Brothers said too! I kid, Andy, really I kid.And this:

NLJ: Every firm has its own culture. What is the firm culture at Akerman?

AS: We really have a New York style to our practice. We’re no nonsense. We’re very professional. We’re really concerned with adding value to our clients. Internally, we have a get-it-done culture, we’re not flamboyant and there’s not a lot of posturing, we’re really to the point. Our clients are looking to us for value and efficient solutions. We’re the go-to firm in Florida.

New York style, no nonsense, very professional, get-it-done.

Ok, now a few of those firm bio photos are starting to make some sense.