Bismarck’s Descendant Met With Chilly Reception at Broward Federal Courthouse.

Can’t Bismarck’s descendant just keep filing lawsuits against David Rockefeller/President Obama/Al Sharpton/The Pointer Sisters without continually being hassled by The Man? (For tonight’s performance, the role of “The Man” is being played by kindly deputy USMs in the Broward federal courthouse.)

After having one complaint dismissed by Judge Zloch (and his motion for in forma pauperis denied) and another dismissed by Judge Martinez and then another by Judge Cooke (but his in forma pauperis motion was granted!), it seems our erstwhile Squinky, Blinky, and Mod Nazi spy/pro se plaintiff got into a little kerfuffle while one his way to filing yet another magnum opus up in Broward federal court.

Here’s the best part:

It took five (5) DUSM’s to finally control DELANEY and place him under arrest as he continued to kick and throw closed fist strikes at them.

Five deputy marshalls??

And it only took two of Obama’s goons to jump the poor guy as he slept fitfully on an Hawaiian beach.

It’s funny I happened to be in line at the courthouse just as all this unfolded, and managed to capture the entire encounter on my smartphone (see above).