Bismarck’s Drafting Skills Could Use Some Work!

Oh the poor hapless descendant of Bismarck’s pro se travails in federal court continue.

First, Erica Jung’s (sic) loving son got no love from Judge Martinez, even though he specifically namechecked the Pointer Sisters.

Now Judge Cooke offers the royal plaintiff some brief-writing tips.

Admittedly, some of her suggestions in terms of structure and flow are quite technical:

The complaint barely articulates an intelligible sentence and certainly fails to assert a colorable claim for relief. The 12-page document is a rambling collection of quotes, references to historical landmarks, celebrities, movies, and obscure and apocalyptic bible references. Throughout the body of the complaint, Plaintiff has underlined selected words, in no discernable pattern, to reveal what he has identified to be a “coded message.” These “messages” are nothing more than a random collection of words arranged together in incoherent paragraphs.

Hey, this guy’s stealing my act!