Bob Josefsberg Rises To Jim Morrison’s Defense Once Again!

It’s nice to see Governor Crist do the right thing and possibly pardon Jim Morrison, whose arrest was more a product of the 60s culture wars than anything especially criminal.

The NYT takes another look this morning, and Morrison’s old attorney Big Bob Josefsberg is right there continuing to defend his client to the bitter end:

“Not that I’m saying dropping your pants in public is acceptable,” Mr. Josefsberg said. “It’s not. It’s also not the worst thing in the world that ever happened.”

Hey, I thought there was a genuine factual dispute about whether Morrison drunkenly hung his schmekel off the Dinner Key or not? Bob continues, reflecting on Jim’s clemency chances:

“Jim’s a total loser, in terms of rehabilitation and what he’s done,” he said. “He’s shown no remorse, no sorrow.” 

Admirable honesty, it’s true, but wait a minute — which side was Bob on again?