Bob Marley’s Son Stephen Rescues Buju Banton!

Our favorite federal blogger is having a hearing today over which private security detail is acceptable for Buju Banton.  I guess the AUSA is objecting to any company that does not employ off-duty law enforcement officers.  I Scribd the motion here.

This strikes me as highly stupid, and I hope the issue gets resolved quickly. The more interesting thing (to me anyways) is that Bob Marley’s son Stephen(!) has put up his Miami-Dade house as collateral for Buju’s bond:

Mr. Myrie hereby notifies the Court that Stephen Marley, well-known entertainer and son of Bob Marley, and his wife Kertia DeCosta Marley, are willing to substitute as the signator for the bond in lieu of Mr. Chavalier. His property is located in Miami-Dade county and has an approximate equity of $350,000. As evidence, Mr. Myrie will provide the Court with a recent appraisal of the residence, a title search, a copy of deed and mortgages, outstanding mortgage balances, and affidavits from Mr. Marley and his wife. AUSA Preston objects.

 The AUSA objects to this too?

I’m glad I don’t do that for a living.