BREAKING — 3d DCA To Disclose Oral Panelists Before Next Week’s Calendar!

It’s true I was absolutely mesmerized to learn of the intricate details of the 3d DCA’s construction in the riveting lecture “Appreciating Concrete:  An Hour-By-Hour Account of How the Bunker Was Born!” during the recent Third DCA Historical Society luncheon, so I may have missed something minor in what was an otherwise highly informative event.

That’s why I was surprised to hear from a tipster that Chief Judge Ramirez apparently also said something about the 3d now disclosing who will sit on its oral argument panels starting the Wednesday before the next week’s calendar.

The first panel up for May 16 arguments is Schwartz, Schwartz, and Schwartz.

Good luck all.

I kid, I kid! Actually, it will be Suarez, Lagoa and Emas. See, this is what happened when you get caught up in a debate over whether it’s more important to have a relatively high compressive strength, or a lower tensile strength, and what is the proper coefficient of thermal expansion.

For gosh sakes, will that argument ever end?