BREAKING — Akerman Jilted; Wolf Block Loves Suing Health Care Insurers Too Too Much

It’s an age-old story — two firms meet at a bar convention, strike up a conversation, next thing you know they are planning a grand marriage and a honeymoon to the Cayman Islands.

Then come the details, you like suing health care insurers on behalf of health care providers, I like defending them….and of course there’s that little question of money:

Alderman said Wolf Block has a large practice representing health-care providers as plaintiffs in lawsuits against health-care insurers, whom Akerman often represents in such cases.

“We both knowingly and strategically held off on resolving this conflict until after the executive committee votes and before the partnership votes,” he said. “We knew about it from the beginning but it ultimately proved too hard to resolve. There were conflicts with specific clients and issues.”

Alderman said Wolf Block’s health-care litigation practice generates more than $10 million in annual revenue and that Akerman’s practice in that area is also large. Had the economy been booming rather than struggling, he said, Wolf Block partners might have been more willing to risk sacrificing the practice and hope the revenue could be replaced through merger synergies.

“But in a tighter economy, there was less of an appetite for risk,” Alderman said.

Keep your chin up, Akerman. There are other firms out there, better firms, ones that really respect you for who you are. Wolf Block, with their sweet talk about “merger synergies,” what a cad! You’re better than Wolf Block, I tell you, trust me you really are……

So what are you doing later?