BREAKING — Ervin A. Gonzalez Not Actually On Twitter!!

Ervin, I spent the requisite 3.7 hours attempting to get through your full two-page ad on pages 14 and 15 of the December 1st Florida Bar News. After several brief naps and thirty-two shots of cafecito, I persevered and made it to the end.

In it, you set forth a detailed and thoughtful agenda for change if elected as President-Elect of the Florida Bar. You already know you have my support.But I paid particular attention to your section on technology:

“My administration will take advantage of the technological advances that have been made in recent years and provide greater access to electronic filing of court documents, internet seminars, teleconferencing meetings and interactive web based seminars and programs for Florida lawyers.”

Recently we saw how you pretty much own YouTube.

So naturally I went to your website, expecting it to be nearly as neat as the new Avatar interactive trailer and here’s what I found:

Web Site Coming Soon

Huh?Umm, that’s ok — you have a very busy practice I’m sure you’ll get your IT guy to put something up soon.

Then I saw in your ad you mention your Twitter account so of course I wanted to get your “tweets” and follow you like I do Meghan McCain and Sarah Silverman but here’s what I found:

We couldn’t find anyone named Ervin A. Gonzalez.

Now that’s odd.

When I put it “Ervin Gonzalez” this is what comes up:

Did you mean erwin gonzalez?

We couldn’t find anyone named Ervin Gonzalez.

Listen, I don’t want to fly off the handle and accuse your opponent of an internet-savvy “dirty-tricks” campaign or anything (that would involve me having to look up who your opponent is, for one thing).But something is rotten in cyberspace, dude.Ervin (alright, you too Mr. Erstwhile Opponent), you are more than welcome to use this limited plot of intertubular real estate to make your case to the good lawyers and judges of South Florida — or at least the ones who spend way too much time screwing around on here.

Play nice, fellas!