BREAKING — Jack Thompson Free To Start Life Anew in Federal Court

I don’t want our crappy little blog to get all Jack Thompsony-chronic-all-the-time, but I did see that hotshot reporter and boy mechanic Billy Shields is breaking word that Jack has been disbarred:

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday permanently disbarred crusading anti-porn lawyer Jack Thompson after years of review but left open a slim window of opportunity for reconsideration.
The Coral Gables attorney represented himself as he contested a disbarment recommendation from Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dava Tunis in July and challenged a March opinion from the state’s high court barring him from future filings without the signature of another Bar member as a sanction for alleged abusive filings.
shim-5468573Thompson said in a telephone interview that he would file a request for an emergency stay in U.S District Court in Miami, where he has filed a civil rights complaint against the Florida Supreme Court, The Florida Bar, Tunis and others involved in his case.


“I’m just getting warmed up,” he said. “They won this phase of the battle. Now we’re in a federal venue, which will give me relief.”

Is this the proceeding before Judge Jordan? Should be interesting.