Bumper Stickers Are Fun, They’re Just Good Clean Fun!

Oh boy, when I become an elected official I plan to toilet paper the house of my political rival, offer him some fake gum that snaps his finger, and of course paste a nice big bumper sticker on his car (and get caught on video tape doing it!):

When Miami Lakes Councilman Richard Pulido found two large bumper stickers plastered on his car outside Town Hall, he thought his car had been vandalized. Turns out it was a joke. The prankster: Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi. The political punch line: The red, white and blue decals supported the reelection campaign of Councilman George Lopez, a Pizzi ally whom Pulido has publicly criticized for running despite a pledge not to. “I’ve taken the mayor at his word that this was a joke,” Pulido said.

Pizzi said his prank was meant to ease tension.

“No harm, no foul. Heaven forbid we lose our sense of humor,” Pizzi said.

I agree with Mike and — this may surprise no one — I’m a strong believer the world would be a better place if everyone just eased each other’s tension at least once a day.