Carolyn Zegeer Endorsed by Tommy Shaw!

Miami attorney Carolyn Zegeer’s dream to be the next Paradise Hunter has just moved one step closer to reality, courtesy of none other than former Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw:

Tommy Shaw of Styx (co-writer of two songs in Carolyn’s video) said, “Carolyn is perfectly qualified for the job.  Add to that her on-camera comfort, good looks and energy level, and it appears that this show is more or less her life story.  She has the kind of natural curiosity and joy of life that makes this video look like a trailer for the actual show.”

Ok, I’m a bit of a Tommy Shaw chronic, so I have no idea how I missed identifying his distinctive sound in Carolyn’s video but now it’s unmistakable.

I was right there with him on Girls With Guns, I hoped for the best with the Remo Williams soundtrack, and I even held my nose and supported the Damn Yankees project.

So Carolyn, your good taste in musical partners has just earned you another vote.

(And yes, that is in fact me on the Keytar).