Change Partners.


Once again the Intrepid One breaks news:

Casey, who starts Dec. 31, is bringing along partners Richard Tuschman, Kevin Vance and Hector Chiconi as well as associates Teresa Maestrelli and Mark Beutler, a paralegal and an undetermined number of office staff. All the lawyers practice in labor and employment except Chiconi, who has an immigration practice. The only remaining partner at EGB, Robyn Symons, is in discussions with Duane Morris. Also joining Duane Morris from EGB will be Eddie Feenane, a longtime recruiting and administrative head who cut his teeth at Steel Hector & Davis. Feenane will coordinate recruiting, marketing and business development efforts for Duane Morris’ Miami and Boca Raton offices. According to a source close to the firm who did not want to be identified, the group is departing EGB partially due to its lack of a full-service platform and partially due to financial reasons.

“No one wants to refer cases to other firms,” the source said. “Additionally, they haven’t kept competitive on salary and bonuses.”

Congrats to a fine group of lawyers and we wish them the very best.

Totally unrelated, but I really enjoyed Mike Myers in Austin Powers.  I sure hope he keeps that franchise going.