Chinese Drywall Anyone?

I know you all have forgotten about that mess, but apparently they are doing something up there in New Orleans, something that involves witnesses, jurors, demonstrative exhibits, stupid arguments about admissibility oh what’s it called…’s been a while for some of us civil litigators….oh yeah:

A federal judge in New Orleans on Thursday awarded $2.6 million in damages to seven Virginia families that sued Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum Ltd.

U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon also issued a protocol for fixing homes that calls for the removal and replacement of all drywall, electrical wiring, copper pipes, air conditioning systems, insulation and most appliances.

Cabinets, countertops, trim, crown molding and baseboards also need to be replaced. Families should receive temporary housing for four to six months, Fallon said.

“This tells you what has to be removed and what doesn’t, and he did a very thorough job,” Boca Raton attorney Allison Grant said. “It’s very significant.”

Fallon’s ruling gives homeowners in South Florida and elsewhere definitive information about how best to treat the problem.

Congrats and condolences, respectively.