Clone Wars!

I love a good clone movie.

Let’s see, just off the top of my head you have Bladerunner of course, Boys from Brazil, recently we’ve had The Governator in The 6th Day and the lovely Jordan Two Delta a/ka Scarlett Johansson in the otherwise execrable The Island.

Would Multiplicity qualify?

Sheesh, I’m sure I’m missing a few.

Anyways, now you can add West Palm Beach uber-PI lawyers Gordon & Doner:

Perhaps it was their glowing tans. Or maybe it was their clean, straight teeth.

Whatever the reason, there was something about the attorneys at Gordon & Doner in Palm Beach Gardens that prompted a Web site to appropriate their likenesses for a law firm purporting to be in England.

Among those who had their likenesses lifted was Adam Doner, whose picture was featured on the mysterious, the Web site for a Maslin & Associates of Lancashire — and a site that hasn’t been available since last week. There, Doner was portrayed as Evans Maslin, the firm’s “principal officer.”

“Is that unbelievable? They literally hijacked our Web site,” Doner said in an interview last week. “This is really off the charts.”

It’s also pretty weird. Other Gordon & Doner lawyers pictured on the impostor Web site were Daniel Williams (renamed Robert Williams), Richard Rubino (renamed Richard Weston) and Dante Alexander Weston (renamed Alexander Werner).

Not featured, however, was the “face” of Gordon & Doner, Robert Gordon, who regularly appears on television ads, urging injured viewers to contact the firm for legal help. (The law firm’s Web site is the appropriately named .)

All that exposure, Doner said, and Gordon’s face was nowhere to be found. “We laugh about it,” Doner said.

After they stopped laughing they filed a suit about it, which is now pending before Judge Marra.

No offense guys and you’re all perfectly handsome and worthy of replication, but I’ll stick with a cloned Scarlett Johansson if that’s ok.