Comment Contest!

commentcontest-6332419Has anyone else noticed that the DBR is now publishing online comments to their articles in the dead-tree edition?

For example, in today’s paper under the “Comments From Web” section there is a stock photo of Judge Zloch next to some fairly lame comments from “Catholic Lawyer” who notes that “Sure, Judge Zloch may be a pain, but to go after him for being a Catholic?”

He also includes this bon mot: “Oh ya….”

Further down the page there is this sterling observation from “Chas” — “Seems these guys got hosed bad. Being in Florida probably a lot of older people who needed the money go hosed. Sad.”

Come on people, we can do better!In fact, I call on all of you to flood the DBR with comments on their stories, and let’s try to get some good/funny/inane/borderline scandalous ones published.Winner gets a brisket sandwich at Roasters & Toasters, served by my buddy John Pacenti.

(Ok, maybe not the last part.)