Congrats John Shawde — Don’t Take Me Alive.

So this morning I broke out my Keytar and pretended to be a rock star again:

I’m a bookkeepers sonI don’t want to shoot no oneWell I crossed my old man back in OregonDon’t take me aliveGot a case of dynamiteI could hold out here all nightYes I crossed my old man back in Oregon

Don’t take me alive

It lasted for about 20 minutes or so and then I got a call from Jaime Bianchi.Talk about a buzzkill.Tell Jaime I’m on a conference call….

Can you hear the evil crowdThe lies and the laughterI hear my insideThe mechanized hum of another worldWhere no sun is shiningNo red light flashingHere in this darknessI know what I’ve done

I know all at once who I am

Oh well, enough foolin’ around, I better call Jaime back.Well I’ve been remiss in congratulating a few of you for different changes and transitions.

Let’s start with Alex A — have fun fundraising (that s*%t’s not easy)!

Then there’s my buddy John Shawde, who has agreed to join RKRPEVN(!):

Joe Klock, firm partner and former chair of Steel Hector & Davis, LLP, had additional praise for Shawde: ” Years ago, at Steel Hector, when we lost our bankruptcy lead lawyer, we canvassed judges, clients, and the bankruptcy bar, as we struggled to fill that key position. Jack Shawde was at the top of every list. We were able to persuade him to join us then, and I could not be more excited that he has chosen to join us today.”

Shawde comes to the firm from the Miami office of Berger Singerman, one of the most respected creditors’ rights firm in the state. RKRPEVN partner Gabe Nieto worked with him both there and at Steel Hector.

Congrats John!But Joe, you can say his name, it was a long time ago and he died tragically anyway forchrissakes.

And why not add John as a named partner — what’s one more letter?