Correction: WPB Yoss Office Not “Closed” But Partners and Rent Not Paid — Much Better!

So was there or was there not a “restructuring” at the WPB Adorno Yoss?

Managing partner George Yoss says yes, but what the hail does he know:

John Koenig, the former Yoss partner in charge in West Palm Beach, said he left Tuesday with associate Mandell Sundarsingh to start the Boynton Beach firm Koenig & Dinkin with lawyer Mitch Dinkin. The new firm specializes in collections, commercial litigation and creditors’ rights.

“I left because I was not getting paid,” Koenig said. “We were not receiving paychecks for awhile.”

He also said the Coral Gables-based firm had not paid rent at the office for three months.

Actually, when you’re not paying your partners and the office has not paid its rent in three months, I consider that a “restructuring.”

Or a “consolidation,” or the “implementation of a strategic plan,” or “focusing on your core capabilities,” or “redeploying firm assets in a more efficient manner,” or…….