David J. Stern: Living the American Dream!

Remember the old joke about the Army — visit exotic places, meet interesting people, and kill them?

I’m reminded of that by this in depth profile of foreclosure mill maven David J. Stern, who is ably cast by Jeff Tew as the embodiment of the American dream:

“He started from scratch and has built a wonderful legal practice and has made a lot of money,” Tew said. “That’s the American dream isn’t it?”

Hail yes! Henry Ford dreamed of every American owning an affordable means of transport. Thomas Edison dreamed of a America lit up from sea to shining sea in glorious technicolor. And David apparently dreamed of a massive foreclosure factory whose primary purpose is to deprive others of their American Dream:

Hilton Wiener, a Florida attorney who has defended homeowners in foreclosure cases against Stern’s firm, described Stern’s operations as “more similar to a factory than a law firm.” The business, he said, depends on homeowners’ not contesting foreclosures so that cases can move quickly through the courts to judgment, Wiener said, basing his view on former Stern paralegals whom he has hired.

“This is like a production line,” he said. “The bank needs them to get certain results. It just becomes a foreclosure processing mill.”

And really, kids, isn’t that what America is all about?