Did Threat of Lawsuit Cause Herald to Run Jeff Greene Correction?

We previously reported that Jeff Greene has retained defamation specialist L. Lin Wood to possibly bring suit against the Herald over some of its election coverage.

One of the contested articles dealt with Mike Tyson, coke, naked women, and Jeff Greene’s yacht (don’t those things always go together?):

In another story, the Times linked comments Mike Tyson made to Sports Illustrated in an interview published on July 28 to time the boxer spent aboard Greene’s 145-foot yacht, describing the activity on the yacht as lavish, teeming with naked, drunken parties. Greene denies those claims.

By pure coincidence, the Herald ran a small “correction” this morning that does not appear to be on the Herald website:

Boxer Mike Tyson’s July interview with Sports Illustrated, quoted in a front-page story on August 13, described his travels in Europe during the summer of 2005, not 2007 when he served as Jeff Greene’s best man.  In addition, Tyson has since clarified that the 2005 events he described involving a drug dealer from Amsterdam did not occur aboard Greene’s yacht and that “he didn’t do drugs on the boat.”

Hmm, my spidey sense tells me a few Herald lawyers had something to do with this correction. Score one for Mr. Wood?

(You can read one of Lin’s demand letters here).