Does BP Dream of Electric Gene Stearns?

Charlie Crist thinks so:

The council recruited veteran Miami attorney Gene Stearns as an unpaid adviser. Stearns is a former aide to Democratic Gov. Reubin Askew and a champion of minority voting rights. It also recruited Dan Gerber, a Republican and a “toxic tort” expert who is a member of the conservative Federalist Society. Both are routine inhabitants of Florida Trend Magazine’s “Legal Elite.”

Ok, I have no problem adding Gene Stearns to any “legal dream team,” and I happen to know and like Dan Gerber but first of all — Dan’s from Orlando.

Also, I wonder if there’s any issue conflict at a minimum with some of Dan’s writings or positions taken in the past with respect to the damage issues that will have to be sorted out before Special Master Feinberg?

Oh well, I’m sure they’ll sort all that out.

Besides, what do I know?

Just like nearly everyone on these here intertubes, my strongly-held opinions are factually inaccurate and not especially subject to change, even when presented with direct proof that my “facts” are wrong.

(It’s a self-esteem issue.)