Don’t Let It Bring You Down.

Well, that was some spectacular event at the Epic in honor of Chief Justice Quince tonight. I know I saw many of you there, including my friend Randy Kroner, because it was packed. And what a great speech she gave about helping those at-risk kids who emerge from foster homes and need caring, loving mentors to help shepard them into young adulthood.

Also, Melanie Damian looked and sounded awesome.This is all good stuff.

Plus, tonight I wound up watching the great American Masters series episode on Neil Young from a few nights back, which was amazing.

Young plebes, please learn what it means to commit to and dedicate yourselves to something bigger, better, and more meaningful than anything you could hope to forge by just billing a bunch of hours for The Man.Neil was there, folks, he felt it, lived it, and recorded about it.

Try to do the same, peoples.