Don’t Sell Kimmie’s Photos!

Kim Mi Emotion

So everyone is talking about the Scott Rothstein auction tomorrow, which we’ve previously covered here.

Yawn.Is it just me, or does most of it look like low-rent Fort Lauderdale office crap?

But in swoops Hinshaw’s Michael Seese, determined to preserve the honor of Kim Rothstein, or at least the sale of her photographs:

In an effort to facilitate SWR’s request, SWR is now only requesting that any photograph including his wife, Kimberly, be excluded from the Sale, in addition to those items the Trustee has already agreed to exclude (collectively, the “Excluded Items”). There is no way of providing a receipt or other evidence of title in support of photographs including SWR and his wife.

Well, why not?I always keep receipts of my photos, especially those of my wife.You know, I’m starting to think this guy Rothstein may not have been a very careful attorney.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. this morning.