(Don’t) Teach Your Children.

I received a message this morning from the otherwise always-delightful CABA President Victoria Mendez:

It has come to our attention that The Florida Department of Education is scheduled to eliminate all Law Electives from the course code directory in the near future.  The elimination of these codes means that any student with an interest in any legal, judicial or law enforcement career will not be able to take classes or participate in programs like the Florida Mock Trial Competition and the local/state We the People Competition — programs which our members have assisted in coaching and judging and that our local Miami Dade County schools have been recognized for their achievement at the local, state and national levels.

The elimination of these courses/programs would significantly affect the Social Studies curriculum at our local schools.  CABA encourages you to contact Trinity Colson.

This really sucks.

As anyone who has ever volunteered to coach or judge the Florida Mock Trial Competition or the fantastic We the People programs know, this is a major blow to education in our public schools.  These programs — made possible through the hard work of selfless educators and local judges and attorneys — provide fundamental advocacy training in core American democratic values — minor things like the Constitution, the justice system, and the rule of law.

Not that any of that seems very important anymore.

Take a moment to email Trinity Colson and let her know how vital these programs are to producing educated, engaged citizens, and thank you to all who have helped make these programs such a tremendous success over so many years.