Dreaming of Soofganiyot.

Well kids, I’m warming up the dreidel and pulling out the soofganiyot recipes, and yet here we are still dealing with the slings and arrows of this thing we call “practicing law.”

I just bumped into Aaron Podhurst by the Starbucks near the courthouse, looking trim and thin btw.

Congrats to him and the leadership team he has put together for the Miami Art Museum, including lawyers Juan P. Loumiet and Arthur Halsey Rice.

Now it’s time to raise some gelt, fellas.

Speaking of conflicts, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and other state court justices will be rolling out a campaign to end judicial elections:

Many judges and the American Bar Association argue the legal system is tainted by judges seeking campaign donations.

“It doesn’t support the fundamental principle of judges acting fairly and impartially,” Ohio Chief Justice Tom Moyer told The Associated Press.

A judicial think tank at the University of Denver has assembled a group of prominent judges, including O’Connor, to push for the abolition of directly elected judges in the 33 states that have them.

They want state commissions made up mostly of non-lawyers to pick judges. Governors would appoint judges the commissions select, and voters would decide in future elections whether the judges keep their jobs.

Exactly — I mean, that worked out pretty good in Broward recently. Maybe anybody wearing a mustard suit need not apply?

Meanwhile, the federal judiciary gets a $357 million boost in its budget for 2010, less than what is needed but better than a budget cut.

Sorry Judge Fay, still no judicial pay raise yet.

Ok, back to my recipes.