E Tu, Lenny Cooperman?

This story on office gym etiquette had me thinking about perennial judicial candidate Lenny Cooperman:

Sure, a fitness center seems like a great perk for employees. Hooray for that 20-minute lunchtime power session on the elliptical! Work gyms are convenient and cheap, if not free. Of course, they’re also inherently awkward.

”It’s a little more stressful sweating profusely around people that you are in a professional atmosphere with,” says Justin Lucas, 25, a Washington resident who works for a human resources consulting firm. “Or vice versa: seeing somebody really, really talented sweat all over the place.”

Like most office gyms, the one in Lucas’ building is small: two treadmills, four ellipticals, a few weight-lifting machines, a dumbbell rack and an abdominal bench. Close proximity makes interaction unavoidable, but Lucas says that he and his boss, who also uses the gym, keep their fitness exchanges brief.

”I already saw you for eight hours today,” Lucas says. “That’s my professional life. Now I’m just going to work out and be myself.”

I was working out some years ago at a downtown gym when I had finished up and was just coming out of the shower. Well who comes running up to me — buck naked — but none other than good ole’ Lenny, pushing his latest bid for judicial office. As I struggled to throw on my boxers Lenny thrusts out his hand, grabs mine, and engages me in a good ten minute recitation of his qualities for judgeship. Given that we were both completely naked, I thought it a rather….interesting….time to be making a judicial pitch to a business colleague. Anyways, after a while naked Lenny moved on in the locker room and found another lawyer to discuss his judicial campaign with.

What the heck happened to Lenny? A good guy, but I don’t think he ever did get elected. Old-timers, please weigh in.