Ed Moss and Metrorail. What Am I Missing Here?

I guess those commie-loving Greenpeacers over at SHB want everyone to go to work in some kind of Ed Begley-styled vegetable car or, worse yet, by public transportation:

Nearly 350 employees at Shook, Hardy & Bacon have signed up for bonuses under a program that encourages use of alternative transportation. But most are support workers rather than associates.

Employees who participate in the new program get an extra $25, $30 or $45 a month, based on their level of involvement, ABAJournal.com previously reported. Bonuses are paid to those who walk, cycle, carpool or take public transportation to work.

Shook chairman John Murphy tells the AmLaw Daily that nearly 350 employees in eight U.S. offices are participating in the program–and 92 percent are support staff. The rest are associates. Partners are not eligible for the program. “They can afford to take care of it themselves,” Murphy told the publication.

The firm estimates that the program reduced employee driving by about 180,000 miles in July alone. Shook Hardy hopes to encourage greater participation with some small changes to the program.

Wait a minute — partners are excluded? So I guess that wasn’t Ed Moss riding the rails at Dadeland North yesterday.

Alright then, but I can still treasure the image.