Elizabeth Sky Wins Before Judge Seitz!

Local model Elizabeth Sky has won her trademark case against a guy alleged to be promoting fake Elizabeth Sky websites.

Yes, not everything on the interwebs is what they purport to be!

Judge Seitz entered the motion for default judgment here.

Here’s a bit about Ms. Sky:

Ms. Ordonez assumed the stage name of Elizabeth Sky as early as June 30, 2006, and this name became present in interstate commerce as early as September 1,2006. Id. at ~17. For example, Plaintiff s talents via her Elizabeth Sky stage name have been showcased through online portfolios containing pictures, video clips and sound recordings on social networking websites, online talent databases and media websites, such as MySpace, ModelMayhem.com and YouTube. Id. at ~ 18. Additionally, Plaintiffs association with entertainment services, audio and audiovisual recordings, hat sales and similar goods and services is depicted on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Id. at ~ 19. Online entertainment industry publications such as www.The30S.com and www.NoBodiesCrew.com also spotlight Plaintiff as Elizabeth Sky on their websites. Id. at ~ 20. This online presence as Elizabeth Sky on these websites aides Ms. Ordonez in the state of Florida as well as both nationally and internationally in procuring audition opportunities and booking entertainment jobs as a model, singer, dancer, actress, choreographer, performer and recording artist. Id at ~ 21. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Plaintiff also designs and sells her own brand of hats called “Funktality by Elizabeth Sky.” Id at ~ 22. Each custom designed hat contains a tag affixed to the underside of its brim which says “Funktality by Elizabeth Sky.” Id.

 Sky was ably represented by Fort Lauderdale entertainment lawyer Charlotte Towne.