Estate Lawyers Announce New Website!

Here at SFL headquarters our crack team of researchers pore over a lot of press releases, so perhaps we’re a bit jaded.But let me make a suggestion — save your press releases for something mildly important, newsworthy, or otherwise interesting.

I’m not certain this one qualifies as any of the above:

Miller and O’Neill, Attorneys at Law announces the launch of their newly revised website. The South Florida Estate Planning and Trust Administration Law Firm’s new site features dedicated sections with extensive information about their practice areas and a blog section with valuable estate planning resource articles. Additional components and multimedia content includes an interactive flash services header on the home page, in-depth attorney profiles, resource links, community involvement projects, and other useful components are featured on Miller & O’Neill’s new site.

Ok guys, I know you’re excited, but we’re talking estate planning.

I don’t know if I ever want “multimedia content” or “an interactive flash services header” when someone is trying to explain to me the laws of intestacy — unless it’s R-rated (but I’m funny like that).

BTW, their snazzy new website is here.