Everything’s Ok!

Wow, what a weekend.Lots of quotes to chew on:

“I don’t know.”

That’s prosecutor Richard Scruggs, under questioning before Judge Butchko on his handling of the Pastor Smith case we wrote about last week. (The Judge suppressed two tape recordings, ruled that the conduct was “unprofessional” and even referenced Bill Clinton!)

“I don’t think he made us all look bad. I think he made lawyers wearing $5,000 suits and driving $500,000 cars look bad,” said David Markus, a Miami criminal defense attorney.

Ouch. Inestimable blogger extraordinare David Markus on you know who.

“People are going to do what they’re going to do.”

Stu Rosenfeldt on the impending civil suits.

“Guess what? I’d like to make that.”

Marc Nurik, on his client’s alleged 2008 compensation of $35 million.

The house it leaks it needs a new topWhen it rains it wets everything we gotThe chimney fell down just the other day

But we’re still a livin’ so everything’s okay.

Hank Williams Sr. as Luke the Drifter.

Welcome to Monday!