Exclusive — Bowman Brown Discusses Stanford Case and Lew Freeman References Titanic.

lusitania_7_may_1915-4144159Hold the presses, people.

In a surprise move, Bowman Brown has agreed to discuss the Stanford case in the media:

“This thing has gotten so many hydra-like heads,” said Bowman Brown, an international banking attorney with Shutts & Bowen in Miami who represents Stanford clients.

How in the world did John Pacenti coax Bowman out?But the metaphors don’t stop with Hydra-like anecdotes:

“It’s futile. It’s like suing yourself,” Brown said.

And this:

“This is going to be very complicated, probably more complicated than the Madoff receivership,” Brown said. “This isn’t a slam dunk.”

Amazingly, John was also somehow able to elicit an on-the-record quote from the notoriously press-shy Lew Freeman!

Knowing the metaphors are coming fast and furious, and not to be outdone, Lew returned to his old standby, the sturdy Titanic imagery:

“After the receiver does his investigation, the receiver makes a business judgment that these assets missed getting on the Titanic,” he said.

Respectfully, Lew, there are other nautical disasters besides the Titanic. For example, you could say, “this whole Stanford thing is like going to bed at night and winding up on the Andrea Doria.”

Or, “an investor at this point has to feel like he booked a round trip ticket on the Lusitania.”

Oh it’s going to be a great week!