First Rothstein Exposé Published!

It was only a matter of time before the first salacious, tell-all Scott Rothstein exposé came out, and here it is:

You get a flavor of the Rothstein persona, the atmosphere of excess somehow hovering at the fringe of lawyerly respectability. Various politicians, local, statewide and federal, march across the stage with one hand slapping Scott Rothstein on the back and the other hand reaching into his larcenous pocket. There is enough comedy and tragedy here for a lifetime.

Oh boy, this is going to be a bestseller! But wait, what’s this:

But Sakowitz will not leave this story to wallow in the realm of sensationalism. He keeps making us look through the moral viewfinder to see the character of the players. How the manipulator manipulates, how the manipulated are manipulated. We do not get to walk away feeling superior to this den of thieves, this band of buffoons. We cannot tsk-tsk our way through, disapproving of evil and disdainful of naivete. We have to look inside ourselves and see just how clean we are, just how open our own eyes are … or not.

Bummer. Moral introspection, in South Florida?

Forget everything I just said.

In other news, Magistrate Judge Brown has acceded to Joe Klock’s demands that the foot-tapping lawyer hearing be rescheduled to accomodate some muckety-muck Article III federal judge (Gold) and his Court-ordered high-level Obama Cabinet flunky (personally, I’m hoping for Panetta!).  The hearing is now scheduled for October 18.

I would Scribd the Order but it is exceedingly boring and — dare I say it — lacking in all the tantalizing, over-the-top elements that make this case so deliciously enjoyable for those of us who have absolutely no involvement with it whatsoever.

Could it be a certain judicially-oriented FSU fan is on to us?