Fix of my just previous post

In my post, just sent, the only excerpt from the WSJ article was the following, which I had indented as a quote, thinking in my tech-incompetence that it would indent in the blog as a quote:

“These kinds of concerns will likely become more prevalent as other high-level al Qaeda detainees come before military commissions set up by the Bush administration. Guantanamo prosecutors estimate that at least 90% of cases depend on statements taken from prisoners, making the credibility of such evidence critical to any convictions. In Mr. Slahi’s case, Col. Couch would uncover evidence the prisoner had been beaten and exposed to psychological torture, including death threats and intimations that his mother would be raped in custody unless he cooperated.”

The weblinks were also part of the WSJ article. The rest of my post contained my own thoughts, such as they are.

and so it goes,