Glenn Garvin Definitely Does Not Want To Get Ourselves Back to the Garden.


As Eye on Miami points out, we happen to be fortunate to live between two beautiful but fragile and endangered national parks — yet this Glenn Garvin rant leads the Herald’s coverage of the stunning new documentary series on the national parks system by Ken Burns, which debuted on PBS last night:

Ok, I see that in Glenn’s world, “modify” and “destroy forever” are in fact synonymous.But wait — there is seriously no mention in Glenn’s column of the Everglades or Biscayne National Park, and the fact we are the only city in the country to border not one but two great national park systems?Well, there is this:Florida’s beautiful spring systems blah blah blah.

And Black Elk, what a drip — drop him in Walden Pond by way of Cross Creek, and take John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt for a dip too.

Keep fighting those 60s culture wars, Glenn!