Glenn Garvin Hat Trick!

It’s long overdue, but the Herald has finally let go of all its reporters and editors and decided to just let Glenn Garvin handle everything.

Today Garvin has no less than THREE blockbuster articles in a paper that typically has no more than five to seven articles total on a Tuesday.

So let’s discuss them in declining levels of quality:

First, Garvin has a fairly obvious “fish-in-barrel” opinion piece about Crist’s various flip-flops.

Ok, so far so average.

Second, Garvin pens a front-page “adds-nothing” thumbsucker on Rico Suave Sanchez and his recent Jon Stewart/Jews-control-the-media rant, which is notable only for this bon mot:

Sanchez was born in Cuba and grew up in Hialeah. His scorching intensity and classic Latin good looks, familiar on South Florida’s streets but not yet on its television screens, made him an instant sensation when he debuted on WSVN-Fox 7 in 1982.

“Scorching intensity”?  “Classic Latin good looks”?

Is Garvin writing about Rick Sanchez or Antonio Banderas?

Finally, Garvin’s true 60s-drenched culture warrior comes out in his hatchet job take-down of the new Daniel Ellsberg documentary, which Garvin describes as oversimplified, one-sided and hagiographic.”

Project much?

But here’s the money quote:

[I]n the case of the 1960s and the Vietnam War, the commanding heights of journalism and academia are held by baby boomer leftists who go largely unchallenged as they reshape history into political mythology.

You know, I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, when I was in college I encountered a countercultural visionary, a professor brave enough to challenge the prevailing elitist blame-America-first mentality of these “baby boomer leftists” occupying the “commanding heights” of academia.

Quietly, firmly, and yet with modest conviction, this man used impeccable logic and piercing wit to thoroughly discredit the Vietnam “political mythology” they spoon feed us in our schools.

And for that, I say, thank you Professor Turguson!